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The Minstrel Man

About three and a half years ago I was invited to stay with my good friend Carl Roshong and his wife Deanna. After I had been their guests for a couple of months. Carl wrote this poem about my time in their home. I wish to share it with all of you today.

“The Minstrel Man”

“What will he pull out when he reaches in?
This Minstrel with a bag full of words.
He sings a lot about avoiding sin.
Songs about where he’s headed towards.

He accompanies himself with his git Fiddle.
Nary accepting a penny or a dime.
He just sings a bit, hangs out a little
Playing tunes in 3/4 time.

This may sound somewhat like a riddle
It’s more than that, it’s his life story.
All about country with him in the middle
Always singing of God and His glory.

You can hear him formin words
While he strums his guitar
Like a melody of birds
Heard from afar.

When he feels he’s done
He closes that bag
He’s on the run
Don’t let time lag

He’s out the door
Carryin his load
And hell bent for
Gittin down the road

This Minstrel with a bag full of words
Singing about where he’s headed for
Puts his life in the hand of the Lord
He lives his faith, and that’s for sure!

Perhaps this Minstrel will become a star
Does he want to, he probably isn’t sure?
In time,not very long, and not to far
One thing for sure….he will endure! ”

Written and copyrighted by Carl Roshong

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