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A Valuable Lesson I learned From Tyler Williams

Sharing a valuable lesson I learned from my good friend Tyler Williams.

Tyler and I have traveled thousands of miles together, playing and singing as we go. As most of you know, Tyler is blind. Well as we travel up and down the road, he always has to have the radio on. His hand never leaves the dial. Constantly changing channels. Rarely if ever listening to an entire song, before changing channels.

That was really irritating to me, as I never turn a radio on as I drive alone. One time it was bothering me to the point I turned the radio off. Tyler turned it back on. Then I told him that it was my car, and I didn’t want to hear the radio at all.

Two weeks ago I picked up Tyler in SC, and brought him to record here in Georgia. It was then He told me this ” Chuck, I know you don’t like the radio and it irritates you. But I can’t look out the window like you. So by me listening to the radio, I can tell geographically where I am. That’s how I ” look ” out the window. ”

That brought me to tears! It broke my heart, and I had to apologize to Tyler. I didn’t understand the reason Tyler was constantly changing channels. I love that young man, and wouldn’t ever want to hurt him in any way.

He taught me a valuable lesson. We don’t always know why someone does what they do. Sometimes there’s a good reason!
So don’t be to quick to judge, condemn, or get upset with someone. Especially when we don’t know everything there is to know.

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