Mountain Matinee Hosted by CanJoe John

Chuck Williams is a singer-songwriter with Appalachian roots and branches. He spent most of his adult life carving out a living through a lot of hard work while gathering up memories reflecting his own life experiences that have led him to writing down his personal stories and putting music to them. Now, Chuck carves out his niche in the music business performing, writing, and singing about things that matter most to him, life, love, God, family, people, personal emotions and experiences, by masterfully mixing and including these influences through beautifully crafted song.

Y’all tune in to the next upcoming episode, Saturday 3/2/19, for the Mountain Matinee, hosted by CanJoe*John, from noon until 3 pm EST, on FM radio 96.3, “The Possum”, also on air in the Tri-Cities area at FM 100.7, AM 870, or broadcast to a worldwide audience at, and enjoy listening as Chuck weaves his stories and music LIVE from the studio direct to your ears and into your hearts. ~ CJ*J

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