Great Experience at Georgetown Vineyards

Just wanted to share what a great experience I had playing at ” Georgetown Vineyards ” last night.

When I first started playing at several central Ohio wineries. One of the owners at a Winery up north said to me….” I don’t care what you play, just so you can keep the customers here and they enjoy it. Because the longer you keep them here, the more money they spend. ”

Last night the people who came stayed for a couple hours after finishing their meal. They turned their chairs around so they could face me and listen intently. One couple in particular were from Cincinnati and were just passing through. When they were leaving, the gentleman came up and put a sizable tip in the tip bucket and said…..” You Sir, did a wonderful job and you are truly one of a kind. ”

I believe that I have found my niche by just being me. I’m not a party animal and never have been. I am a Storyteller.
So telling my stories and singing my songs is who I am and what I do best. Therefore that is what I am focused on.

Great Experience at Georgetown Vineyards


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