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In Memory of Jim Farmer also Know as The Tunnel Bum

Posting this picture in memory of Jim Farmer, also know as ” The Tunnel Bum ” who passed away six years ago, yesterday.

This picture reminds me of the line Brink Brinkman and I wrote in our song ” The Tunnel Bum ” which goes like this…..

” On a cold December morning the water is frozen in his cup. Yet everyone who drives by, gets a smile and a wave to cheer them up. ”
Every time I drive through the tunnel, I miss seeing Jim and his friendly wave. He gave me these words of wisdom during a visit one summer day. He said….” Chuck, you gotta live life in order to learn life. ”
He always called me his ” Crazy eye Angel friend. ” I miss my old friend.

Jim Farmer, The Tunnel Bum

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