Chuck Williams ~ Logger Lyrics

Gathers Your Firewood Before the First Snowflake Falls

A wise man gathers his supply of firewood long before the first snowflake falls. In life we will face many different kinds of ” winters “
So I would be a wise man , to gather my wood, before the first snowflake falls.
Therfore I must ask myself, ” What ” winter “in my life is coming next and what must I do to prepare for it?
We were also instructed to use wisdom in all things.
If I had a worn out tire on my car. Would I take off on a thousand mile trip and just say… “I just put it in the Lord’s hands?”
Then have a blowout and say… “The devil blew out my tire.”
No, I had a blowout because I didn’t use wisdom. I knew I had a bad tire and didn’t do anything about it. Wisdom is… the ability to apply knowledge. Knowledge in and of itself is useless, unless that knowledge is applied.

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