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10 Habits of Mind

This afternoon I had a very interesting meeting with a professional educator, author, musician, artist, father, and grandfather.
He asked me to me to help him with a very personal project, therefore I will not disclose his name.
He explained that he expects that he might live into his mid 80’s at which time his grandson will be 14. The grandson lives a couple thousand miles away and He wants to write a book about himself, and the special people who inspired him and impacted his life. That way when he is gone, his grandson will be able to get to know his grandpa and have a better understanding of who his grandpa was.
Much to my surprise and feeling of great honor, he wants devote an entire chapter written about me and my influence on him.
Also what he termed as ” Habits of Mind ” which are the ” tools ” used to understand life. He explained how in college he was taught how to use these various ” tools ” He expressed how amazed he was that somehow, I without being college educated or being taught how, have been unknowingly using those ” Tools “
So I guess we never really know how much our lives impact others.

Here is my ten ” Habits of Mind ”

1) I am constantly aware of the Spiritual guidance of the Lord
2) I use Bible scripture to analyze situations
3)I listen carefully to others even when it is contrary to my beliefs, because I don’t know everything
4) I question everything and everyone
5) I try not to be predictable or a creature of habit
6) I control my emotions and don’t allow them to influence my understanding
7) the truth is a bitter pill and more often than not goes against the grain and can be harsh I study things in nature and use it for analogies
9) my daily prayer is for the Lord to help me be a reflection of Him here in this present world
10) I am respectful to others even when I don’t agree with them.

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