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Announcing My New Full Gospel Album

For those who still love the old Gospel songs we grew up with… I have good news.

I’ve been here with Curtis Jones and his wife Kim Jones finishing up a full Gospel album with 12 songs in their private studio. Curtis laying down some banjo and guitar breaks using my custom Curly Maple guitar built by P & E Instruments. Kim putting the harmony vocals on ” Will The Circle Be Unbroken ”

This project was started just before all the Covid virus hit. Thankfully we were able to get back to recording. We recorded these as straight up Bluegrass as you can get.

Here’s the songs we’ve put on the album. Including two original songs ” The Masters Voice ” and one that a high school classmate Becky Johnson collaborated with me on called ” Learned My Final Script ”

Curtis Jones

Amazing Grace
House of Gold
I Saw The Light
The Lost Highway
Precious Lord Take My Hand
The Masters Voice
Wayfaring Stranger
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
I’ll Fly Away
Learned My Final Script
The Unclouded Day
The Holy Hills
He Put His Hands On Me
As I Walk Through The Valley

I really appreciate all Curtis and Kim have done on this project. Curtis playing Banjo, Mandolin and lead Guitar. Kim in the upright Bass and both of them with harmony vocals. With myself on rhythm guitar and lead vocals.

Kim Jones

Three days straight they played two 3hr shows on 90 degree heat, not even taking breaks during the shows. Then in the studio until 1:30am and 2am, back up each morning to play at 11am . Their dedication and hard work is greatly appreciated.

We now have a 14 song Gospel album titled “The Masters Voice” by Chuck Williams!

Now for the 567 mile drive back to the farm in Ohio. We were in the studio until almost 1:30am this morning, it’s 6:15 am now and I am about to take off for Ohio.

  1. Chuck Williams , when do you think it will be out?

    • Donna Stout it will take a few weeks. It has to be final mixed and mastered. Coded and all the paperwork filed.

  2. Glad you made it home safe. Maybe you can get some much needed rest before another busy weekend.

  3. Back on the farm here in Ohio

    Last night, or should I say at a little after 1am this morning Curtis made me a CD of the album we’ve been working on. He had it all mixed and waiting on the final approval before mastering it.

    I listened to every song multiple times and I have to say that I believe it’s a good one

    I also beat ” Google maps ” by driving the two lane roads. I got off Rt 23 and on 64 just below Catlettsburg. Then took Rt2 along the Ohio River up through West Virginia crossing over at Point Pleasant. Then the two lane roads the last 170 miles. I love seeing the scenic countryside on my travels.

  4. So glad to be doing this with you Chuck! You are the real deal and its so nice to cut this wonderful spiritual music live with you brother. Love ya man.

    • thank you for playing such wonderful intros and doing all the recording, mixing, mastering, instrumentation and vocals. It’s always a joy to be in the studio with you.

  5. Honored to be a part of your beautiful music brother. Thank you for having me on your record.

    • thank you for being such a great help with everything needed and being a part of this album.

  6. I want one when you get them. Also bring them to church. Can’t wait to listen to this

    • soon as we can get them into production, I will be bringing them with me to the Gospel Sing. Also, any Church that would like, I’ll come do a Gospel night or morning.

  7. Hope you bring home a CD. Happy you are getting this accomplished; enjoy and prayers for a safe trip back home. Love & Hugs!

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