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“In 2015, I stood with some friends at Brothers Drake in Columbus, Ohio, feeling totally out of place as a middle-aged man in a sea of hipsters. We were waiting for the main act, the super hip Maxwell Hughes to take the stage while members of the Columbus Songwriters Association shared a song or two to open up. Several members, all in their twenties, took turns on the stage, and all just exuded cool. About twenty minutes in, I saw an older member walk up with no instrument in hand. He got behind the microphone and began to sing a tune acapella. I told myself, “Oh my goodness, these young bucks are going to eat him alive!” However, within about 20 seconds every voice subsided to a whisper and all eyes slowly fixated on the stage. I was shocked! They were mesmerized! Chuck Williams exudes authenticity. There is nothing phony about his performances. And in that unlikely place, I learned the lesson that if you have something to say from your heart, people will listen. Chuck’s songs and performances are authentic. They are primal. They will cause you to sit up and listen.” ~ Craig Heath Owner of Appalachian Listening Room Logan Ohio

Local Man Releases CD of Autobiographical Songs

Local musician Chuck Williams has released his first album, “Songs from a Troubled Soul.”
Over the years, listeners have described Chuck Williams’ songs as authentic, down-to-earth, soulful and heartbreaking. ~ Newark Advocate

Local Artist, Chuck Williams Shares His Songs From A Troubled Soul

Chuck’s music is American Folk with a slight resemblance to the style of Dylan, yet with a little classic country feel to some of his songs. “Feel How the Wind Blows” is the first song on the album “Songs From a Troubled Soul”. This one is very much a folk song. It fits right in the 70’s with hippies, flower children, and an age where it was more about the sound than the song. It was easy to listen to, and if you are my age, it will take you back a few years. ~ Countrys Chatter

Ekoostik Hooka” production manager Dan Mesnard had this to say, as I left the stage at a show he hosted in Columbus, OH.
“You have bar none just heard the best storyteller/ singer/ songwriter you will ever hear! Chuck….you are welcome on my stage anytime, anyplace.”

He also said, “Whatever it is you just did… Keep doing it! You put chills up everyone’s spine tonight!”