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Middle of the Road

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1. Waiting For Her To Come Home

2. Angel From Heaven

3. How Could I Know

4. Autumn Breeze

5. Jenny Of The Lonesome Pine

6. Feel How The Wind Blows

7. Middle Of The Road

8. That Place I’ve Never Been

9. All That Remains Is A Song

10. Cold Clay Ground

11. Life Of A Rambler

12. The Tunnel Bum

13. Cold Day On Blood Mountain

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Middle Of The Road

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I have two albums available. Below is a listing of the the songs on each one with a sample. You can order a copy here by PayPal / major credit cards on this page.

Songs From A Troubled Soul

Sample Tracks:

01. Feel How The Wind Blows

02. Please Tell Me Why

03. Innocent Blood Cries Out

04. Crooked Little Stick

05. Life’s Like A Song

06. Take My Hand Precious Lord

07. Throw Him Away

08. Time To Set The Suitcase Down

09. Cold Clay Ground

10. The Un-Bridled Horse

11. The Tunnel Bum

12. When We Behold Him

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Roots Of Country

Sample Tracks:

01. Mission Accomplished

02. Get Back On The Wagon

03. As I Walk Through The Valley

04. When You Have No One To Love

05. Angel From Heaven

06. Life Of A Rambler

07. Bridge In Life

08. He’s Bigger Than The Book

09. Daddy’s Last Tear

10. The Love He Has For Me

11. Send Your Spirit Down

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